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Islamic Spiritual Healing Wazifa, Dua, supplication, Ruqah
Islamic Healing
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Islamic Spiritual Healing Wazifa, Dua, supplication, Ruqah


Persons who what to join our service should accept terms of agreement listed below.

General Agreement

1.1   The patient must already have been diagnosed for his/her concern ailment (s) from a professional Medical doctor.

1.2   The patient should let us the Medically Diagnosed Reports either by email or airmail.

1.3   In order to make healing possible, all patients are advised to maximize all religious activities (pray to Allah; Salat leave all bad behaviors, etc) according to his or her own belief.

1.4   Any Islamic Spiritual Healing are not possible unless patient/seeker offers his/her obligated five time prayers (Salat) according to Shirah.

1.5   The patient should follow every procedure with discipline.

1.6   The patient should give his/her full name, his/her mother's name, his/her mail address to the organization using e-mail, and the Organization will guard its securely.

1.7   The patient should wait for his/her turn to have the treatment. We will respond your request by sending a treatment schedule.

1.8   The Organization will send the Divine Medicines and the instruction kit via email or airmail for patients who are not able to come to IH Centers. For those who want to come directly to us should arrange an appointment at least one month in advance (plz use the e-mail).

1.9   The Organization will give all its best to serve every patient.

1.10  During the treatment, the patient should send medical analysis report to the Organization regularly.

1.11  While undergoing the treatment, the patient must NOT practice other spiritual-based treatment or therapy (yoga, reike, shaman, charm, etc ) at the same time, while medicine or vitamins as prescribed by the doctor are suggested to be taken.

1.12  The effective time of the treatment vary according to the disease but approximated ranges from 40 days to 6 months. We must remember that this treatment is using prayers "Nur" and the result is up to Allah.

1.13  The Organization does not give any guarantee of this service, and thus are free from every charges from patients, their families and/or communities.

Privacy Policy

2.1   We will not disclose any personal information whenever provided by you, including your name, photograph, address, email address, etc to any third party whosoever without your explicit permission, except in regard to copyright, law enforcement or in response to any other fraudulent activity. We will not make your information available to other companies.

Anti-Shirk Policy

3.1  We strictly respect all parameters of Sariha (Islamic Law) and Sunnah as an IH practitioners.

3.2  We do not use any Charm or Naksh or wifg or Tawiz in which non-Islamic or Shirk words are used in any form.

3.3  We do not prescribe any Rouqah, which is polluted by Shirk.

3.4  We believe that the True Healer is Allah Himself, the practitioner only acts as a mediator.

3.5  IH practitioner can and do use Herbs, water, Essences, other traditional medicines or therapies for treatment. All derived from Tibb an-Nabawi.

3.6  IH "Islamic Healing" doesn't consists only of prayers but treat physically as well.

4  Legal Policy

4.1   IslamicHealing solely belongs to Ahaly Durbar.

4.2   IslamicHealing have an association with Ummah Tajia® Organization.

4.3   Schedule for Replies, all submitted complaints will be replied only on Forth Saturdays and Sundays.

4.4   If healing help is requested, please understand that all those associated with this page strongly believe and advocate that regular medical help and advice from the subject's doctor (s) should continue to be sought and followed.

4.5   No health information on and its sub-webs, including information about herbal therapies and other dietary supplements, is regulated or evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and therefore the information should not be used to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease without the supervision of a medical doctor.

4.6   Shipping: National or International shipping costs will be calculated manually and confirmed with buyers by emails. You can choose to cancel your international order if you think the shipping cost is higher than you expected. Shipment will usually be made in 5 business days.


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